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& Take Your Life To New Heights
Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have Bitch potential. Much like driving, when the Bitch mode kicks into high gear, we can choose to be a reckless Bitch and indulge in behavior that drives our lives into a ditch, or we can be responsible and powerfully rise above it all. 

Author, Troy Byer has dedicated her career to teaching women how to strengthen their weaknesses while expanding their strengths. According to Byer, "by virtue of our nature, we women are inherently emotional, hormonal challenged and psychologically tired of the non-sense and this can be a combustive combination when any two are activated together. My job is to teach women how to deactivate the negative force of this combination and responsibly reactivate the secret power this combination has to offer.
This Book Promises To Help You:
  • Understand what upsets you & why
  •  Teaches you how to have 100% control over all your emotions - instantly   
  •  Understand the power of Intention 
  •  Understand the importance of surrounding yourself with your "worthy" opponents 
  •  Teaches you how to maintain your power against predators and other stressors, threats or challenges
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By the end of the first two chapters, I was weeping from the recognition of myself and my own experiences reflected in this powerful work. Troy's compelling and forthright honesty about her life and her devotion to assuring her readers step beyond their damaging experiences into hopeful responsibility have created a book that, for me, is unparalleled and life-changing. I continue reading it with gratitude.

-                                - Karon Aghotte, Los Angeles, CA
This book has been of GREAT HELP to me! I can't Thank Troy enough! 

- Lizet Upia, Brooklyn New York
Whether you work inside or outside of the home, this book breaks US down in the most relatable, comforting, insightful, no BS way! Troy Byer offers REAL solutions that will bring you immediate peace, perspective and clarity! It is impossible to put this book down and not be inspired!! You will laugh, cry and oh yes, you will get pissed...but only because it wasn't assigned reading in 6th grade health class! This is not just a book, it is a LIFESTYLE MOVEMENT!!! My name is Rosa and I am a Responsible Bitch!!! 
                                         - D. Rosa, Wyoming
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